A *very* quick look at the Keeping Hope On Life Support crowd.

I’m sort of sneaking this one in.

Anyway, while you’re waiting for the turkey to finish basting check out this Politico article about the Great Netroot Betrayal over Iraq. The title says it all: “Doves keep the faith as Obama team tilts right”. This should be a fun few months, no?

Lots of good River-in-Egypt moments, but this was especially good:

Still, President Obama sounds a lot better than President Bush to a peace movement whose members have spent the last seven years in a posted of principled, if often powerless, opposition—and who now have to find a new point of orientation.

Because What will be much more interesting will be seeing the new point of orientation for the members of the peace movement who are unhinged maniacs with no historical sense, and even less of a moral one. For one thing, they outnumber the principled members by about nine to one.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Moe Lane