I repeat: Why is Charles Rangel (D, NY-15) Still Ways and Means Chair?

Just so you know, people will keep asking this question. Including, these days, the New York Times:

The Congressman, the Donor and the Tax Break

Representative Charles B. Rangel has helped raise $11 million for a City College of New York school of public service to be named in his honor. In recent months, as questions have emerged about his fund-raising, he has insisted that he has kept his efforts to attract donors scrupulously separate from his official duties in Congress.

But Congressional records and interviews show that Mr. Rangel was instrumental in preserving a lucrative tax loophole that benefited an oil-drilling company last year, while at the same time its chief executive was pledging $1 million to the project, the Charles B. Rangel School of Public Service at C.C.N.Y.

The New York Times has figured out a way to blame this ultimately on Republicans, so they’re cleared themselves for going full guns on Rangel – which they proceeded to do, so go ahead and read the whole thing. For my part, I repeat:

Under the circumstances, and until this is cleared up, I don’t want him to have oversight over the House committee that regulates the American tax code.

So why don’t the Democrats agree?

We can start guessing, if you like.

Moe Lane