Delaware Democrats unhappy that Senate seat apparently now hereditary.

After all, political dynasties are actually not uncommon in American political history: but ones named “Biden?”

I mean, really. Biden?

Biden replacement creates blowback By: Andy Barr November 25, 2008 10:13 AM EST

Delaware Gov. Ruth Ann Minner’s (D) decision to appoint Vice President-elect Joe Biden’s longtime aide Ted Kaufman to the Senate has upset local Democrats who believe the move was a ham-handed attempt to engineer the election of Biden’s son, Beau, to the Senate in 2010.

By selecting Kaufman, who has said he would serve only two years before a special election is held in 2010, Minner bypassed other interested Delaware pols and ensured that Beau Biden would have a clearer opportunity to succeed his father in the Senate.

Beau Biden, the state’s attorney general, is currently serving in Iraq as part of the Delaware National Guard.

All respect to Captain Biden, and we hope that he and the rest of the 261st Signal Brigade come back home safe, sound, and victorious. But if you read the article, it’s apparent that there’s some inter-party shenanigans going on here, and I would be remiss in my duties as a VRWC Death Beast if I did not gently point out the provisions of Article IV, Section Four of the US Constitution…

Moe Lane

PS: If you live in Delaware and are a Republican, the state party would love to have a talk with you about this, and everything else. Contact information here.