The confirmation hearing for Holder should be fun.

I’m noting this article by the WSJ:

Ordinarily, defendants seeking a pardon file a petition with the Justice Department, which then makes a recommendation to the White House. Mr. Rich’s legal team went directly to the White House, and the president spoke with one of the Rich lawyers, Jack Quinn, who had worked as White House counsel. The Justice Department maintained that it hadn’t been told of the pardon request until the day before Mr. Clinton granted it.

Mr. Quinn said he had told Mr. Holder the previous November of his intention to seek a pardon for his client, and he got the impression that the Justice Department wouldn’t oppose these efforts. He produced an email to a colleague in which he noted that Mr. Holder “says go straight to wh. also says timing is good. we shd get in soon.”

…mostly because it allows me to offer our Senators some friendly advice on this, and all confirmation hearings:

  • Make ’em talk. Ask short questions requiring long, complex answers. This isn’t about you guys; it’s about the people you’ve got on the griddle.

  • Make ’em keep talking. A casual “Go on.” after the first long, convoluted answer finally ends will pay dividends.

  • Have the last Republican be the one keeping notes, so as to catch all the contradictions that come up thanks to the first two points. Good excuse for demanding extra time there, too.

  • Then force a cloture vote anyway. Just because.