Are you tired of William Jefferson* (D) being the Representative for LA-02?

That’s a serious question, and one that can be profitably asked across the political spectrum. In fact, the following questions are really directed at our lurkers: does having Rep. Jefferson in a position of trust and authority bother you, on a fundamental level? Are you tired of having this man’s continued presence in Congress give the lie to all of your pious statements about being for clean government? Do you quietly fume about how the runoff election and his federal trial for bribery and racketeering will happen at about the same time?

Are you?

Well, talk is cheap. Time for you people to clean your house.

There’s a guy running against Jefferson in the general. His name’s Joseph Cao (you can contribute here). Vietnamese-American, philosophy professor (trained with the Jesuits, no less), bachelors’ in physics, and an attorney with a history of social work both here and abroad. He’s also not a corrupt Louisiana nepotist currently under indictment on multiple counts of abusing his office, which should also be a factor for your support. All in all, if we’re to believe your rhetoric, he’s precisely the kind of Republican that you keep telling us that we should be running for office. Well, here he is. The fact that he’s considered a long shot is not a judgment on us, by the way. Nor is the fact that Rep. Jefferson still has a position of authority in Congress. That’s all you guys, and until you’re collectively ready to cut Bill Jefferson loose, he’s going to keep on being a blot on your honor.

So. In LA-02, on December 6th, vote for the Republican.

It’s important.

Moe Lane

PS: Again. …in his freezer.