Waxman replaces Dingell as Energy Chair.

Don’t you feel reassured by that news, Detroit?

Waxman Wins Powerful Energy and Commerce Post

Rep. Henry Waxman unseated fellow veteran Democratic lawmaker John Dingell Thursday to become chairman of the House’s powerful Energy and Commerce Committee.

The House Democratic Caucus voted 137 to 122 to accept the recommendation of its steering committee and agreed to replace Dingell, 82 years old, a long-time friend of the auto industry, with Waxman, a 69-year-old Californian anxious to ease global warming, a top concern of president-elect Barack Obama.

More over at AoSHQ; they’re linking to an article where Senator Boxer is promising that the first priority is spending 15 billion on clean energy initiatives – no, that doesn’t mean nuclear power. Get real.

But never mind that, right now, because there’s something more important that needs to be addressed. We of the VRWC want to make this point very, very clear: the fate of the domestic auto industry is now solely in the hands of the Democratic Party. We had agreed – against many of our legislators’ better judgment – to go with a bailout, but the Democratic Party has decided to put it off until at least next month, for reasons that no doubt seem good to them (sorta via Hot Air). And, of course, starting in January it’s going to be obvious even to the most uninformed that the GOP’s no longer in charge. Sobeit – but the corollary to this is that this is no longer our problem. We are no longer responsible. This is now the Democrats’ mess to fix, and they will be 100% responsible for the results.

Either way.

Moe Lane