So, Jim Leach will probably be Chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, then.

It’s just that (via Instapundit) David Corn over at Mother Jones Blog is nervously hoping that Obama…

Get used to reading variations of that phrase, by the way: there’s more than a few folks on the Left blinking surprisingly at current events and saying “Huh?”

…anyway, Corn’s hoping that Obama keeps ex-Republican Jim Leach – let me repeat that; ex-, former, apostate, defrocked, disbarred, dismissed, delisted, exiled, outlawed, and decommissioned Republican Jim Leach – far, far away from anything resembling a finance job, given that Corn blames Leach in part for our current financial disaster.

Alas for David Corn, helping to create our current financial disaster is apparently a prerequisite for working in the upcoming Obama administration, given the number of people whose names keep showing up as possible staffers. On the bright side, at least Leach (as far as I know) never worked for Fannie Mae. If he had, he’d probably be short-listed for Secretary of the Treasury.