Dave Reichert (WA-08) wins re-election bid.

Don’t get me wrong: Tuesday was still a shellacking. But I covered this race earlier, and it’s nice to see that he won.

Reichert wins re-election in 8th District

Republican U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert has won re-election in Washington’s 8th Congressional District, defeating two-time Democratic challenger Darcy Burner in a close race.

With almost 80 percent of the expected vote counted from Tuesday’s election, Reichert’s lead was nearing 8,000 votes Friday. Roughly 270,000 votes have been tallied.

After a bruising and expensive campaign, Reichert successfully held off a strong run by Burner, who was challenging the former King County sheriff again after losing to him by just 3 percentage points in 2006.

I’d say “Better luck next time,” Ms. Burner, except that your party doesn’t really give third chances.