No, no, NO. This is not how you torpedo a nominee.

When I read [Thursday] morning that President-elect Obama was contemplating picking Robert Kennedy Jr for EPA head, I was pleased. I was very pleased. After all, it’s so rare that you encounter such a case of sheer political idiocy so soon after an election. I mean, really: Kennedy the eco-freak? Kennedy the Air America guy? Kennedy the 2004-election-was-stolen conspiracy loon (and wouldn’t that have been fun to talk about at the confirmation hearings)?

You’ll notice, by the way, that none of this was mentioned in the Politico article. Just saying, that’s all.

So, anyway: I figured that I could bide my time, twiddle my thumbs, wait for the announcement to be made… and then start bringing this all up. It’d be fun.

But noooooo. People had to jump the gun.Link via Glenn Reynolds: suffice it to say that Reason’s Hit & Run covers all the relevant good bits, not to mention the minor little detail that Kennedy’s a total Chavez groupie. You can listen to the interview where this comes up here, although it’ll probably crash. I was able to confirm that he said the bit about how supposed Jack and Bobby would have loved Hugo, but the video player crashed before it got to the point where he came out in favor of nationalizing oil companies, so I’m taking that one on faith. Anyway, good crazy stuff…

But too soon.

Look, this way it’s no fun. Somebody’s going to notice that we noticed this; and they’re going to go to the transition team and point out that we’re actually aware that Robert F Kennedy Jr. is barking mad insane, and that there’s no way that anybody who is that outside the mainstream is ever going to make it through the nomination process without said barking madness exposed for all the world to see. So instead of a withdrawal of the nomination, we merely get a rumor that didn’t pan out. That’s just not the same. That’s not the same at all.

Well, true, at least this way we get to establish that there’s a Bright Line between People Who Think Like Robert F Kennedy, Jr and Normal, Sane People – but it’s the principle of the thing that matters here.

Oh, well. Practice makes perfect – so let’s do better next time, all right?

Moe Lane

PS: By the way, Mr. Kennedy: I’m pretty sure that if your father and uncle had encountered Mr. Chavez back then, they’d have ended up trying to have him assassinated.