Well, that was disappointing.

Despair is, however, a sin, so we’ll avoid it.

I spent the drive back from DC trying to figure out what kind of post I’d be writing about this, until I decided that – as usual – the best policy is honesty. Obviously, I’m unhappy that McCain seems to have lost the election: I prefer him to Obama. This is apparently going to be a fairly unpopular opinion for me to have, which won’t be the first time. I’m also aware that a fair number of people are going to take this opportunity to attempt to savagely mock my side of the political spectrum in general and this site in particular (and a few may even spare a mock or two for myself), all of which is going to be an active annoyance for the next week or so, and a low-grade one for somewhat longer. We’ll also have to listen to the inevitable you-should-do-it-my-way people, although that’s actually fairly typical in the internet anyway. All in all, this is why people avoid defeats; they’re pains in the fundament.

And that’s pretty much it. Heck, I’m not even numb.

Believe me, I’m surprised by this, too.

Moe Lane