Coal Guy on Fox: You do realize that Obama called for the destruction of my industry, right?

(Via Hot Air) OCA President Mike Casey gently tries to explain why the coal industry is freaking out about Senator Obama right now:

It’s because he works for the coal industry, you see, and when you get told that one of the Presidential candidates for President is on the record for being in favor of gutting your industry – which supplies, again, roughly half of domestic electricity – you tend to want to point that out. And to draw a distinction between him and the other guy, who merely wants to be all government-y about your business, not gut it entirely. And to pointedly mention all those states in the area that kind of rely on coal production, and to even more pointedly mention that for every one person involved in mining the stuff there’s eleven who have a job that requires the miner.

Little things like that.

Moe Lane

PS: Hey, do you think that I can tell Pennsylvanians to vote their class interests by voting McCain/Palin without being smote with lightning from the sheer irony of it all?