Coal States: Vote McCain, or against your economic interests. Your call.

Via Constant Reader Pentagon16 we see this video and Hot Air post about Obama, coal plants, and how the former will smother the creation of the latter if he ever gets the chance:


If you’re working on GOTV for Colorado or Pennsylvania, by all means: pass that along to people. Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia, too – just to be on the safe side.Like Ed Morrissey, I’d like to see the complete transcript on this one – odd that it’s not readily available – but that’s all right, really. Live by the avoidance of transparency, die by the avoidance of transparency. The real issue is this: 49% of our domestic energy production comes from coal. There’s a lot of economic wealth tied up in it, and our total energy consumption goes up every year (although Obama wants to actually cut our electrical demand by 15% by 2020, presumably because… actually, I have no freaking clue why). There is currently no such thing as “clean coal,” by the way – at least, not as the environmental lobbyist industry defines the term – so let’s not pretend that when Obama is talking about supporting “clean coal” that he’s talking about immediately replacing our current icky coal plants with some Magical Pretty Space Unicorn ones. The ones we’ve got are the ones we’re going to have for most of the rest of my life.

Put it another way: Obama’s lying to somebody. The question is, who? San Francisco liberals, or all those middle/working class voters living beyond the former’s Pale?

Oh, look it up, already.

Moe Lane

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