Quote of the day: Jeff Goldstein.

What, you thought that only people on our side were doing it? Think again. If anything, they’re worse. If we lose, we can always tell ourselves, “Shoot. Guess McCain/the GOP ticked off the base/the moderates/Fate itself just a little too much for a little too long.” If Obama loses, his supporters pretty much have no personally acceptable answer to fall back upon except election fraud.

Anyway, Jeff Goldstein’s comment?

There’s probably a detailed post in all this about how the intermixing of the personal and the political is a blueprint for extreme behavior — but I’m going to forgo all that and just note instead that some people are well and truly f[]cked, and that I’d be very much obliged if they’d keep the hell off my lawn.

And on that note, I’m going to go buy a six-pack and put Live Free and Die Hard in the DVD player.

Moe Lane

PS: That being said, canvass, phone call, volunteer, and GOTV. But remember: stay sane.