Palin's other base: Special Needs Families.

No word if news of that sent Keith Olbermann into a full epileptic seizure, but the day’s still young:

Via LA Time’s Top of the Ticket, which was… reasonable in its coverage of the event, if a little disappointed that the Governor more or less – and wisely – let the immigration stuff slide in favor of talking about lower taxes.

There’s not much else to say about this, except to watch the video, and either get enthused about and/or resigned to the fact that Governor Palin is going to be an exceptionally popular and very influential figure in the Republican Party for, oh, the next twenty years or so. And if you’re in the “resigned to” crowd… sorry, kids: that means that, yeah, you’re going to have to houseclean your crazies before they do something that really makes the Democratic Party’s life miserable. Not that putting your hands over your ears and saying “LALALA…” was really working, anyway.