How Palin is Dragging Down the Ticket, Part MCMXII.

The nerve!

NRA hoping ads bag win for McCain

Group pays to have message wrapped around newspapers.

WASHINGTON | The National Rifle Association is planning an Election Day ad blitz in Pennsylvania and other battlegrounds, delivering an anti-Barack Obama message to the doorsteps of thousands of newspaper readers, including subscribers to The Morning Call.

The gun lobby, which has endorsed GOP candidate John McCain, has approached newspapers in more than a dozen states about wrapping the paper in a plastic bag with a message that reads ”Vote Freedom First. Defend Freedom. Defeat Obama.”


The NRA ad will go to 76,000 Morning Call subscribers on Tuesday, according to company spokeswoman Vicki Mayk. The Reading Eagle also confirmed it plans to run the ad on Election Day.

I mean, really. So what if they endorsed McCain! They always endorse the Republican! They always have, since 1980!

Except in 1992, when they didn’t.And 1996, likewise.

Still! Like their help matters, anyway!