Just pick a freaking number, Barry.

Because this is getting old.

Very, very old. Heath Haussamen has more, but it’s mostly the same exasperation, with only a “no reply” from the Obama campaign to differentiate it from my own exasperation. On the other hand, Governor Palin certainly doesn’t need to wait for one to bring up the obvious:

Palin said that Obama’s definition of what constitutes the middle class seems to be evolving.

“And just this morning, Gov. Bill Richardson, a top surrogate for the Obama campaign, he who is working so hard to get Obama elected, Richardson said Obama’s tax plan would define middle class as $120,000 a year and under,” Palin said. “So now, we’re down to less than half the original income level and, just give it a little more time, and Barack Obama will be back to raising taxes on folks earning $42,000 a year.”

Amusingly, the CBS reporter covering this called it a “slip of the tongue,” which is apparently journalist-talk for “Wow, that was dumb.” In the meantime, I suggest that the Obama campaign take this time to decide just once and for all what the cutout is. May I suggest that they try some multiple of 57? – because that way it’ll at least be easy for all of their operatives to remember.

Oh, look it up.

Moe Lane