This is the saddest thing that I read today.

OK. I need you folks to do something for me. First off, I need you to trust me.

Second, I need you to center yourselves, get your mental equilibrium level, balance your chi, let the Love that surpasseth all understanding fill your heart… all of you have some reliable way to find inner peace, so at least make an effort to get there. Got it? If no, keep trying: I can wait.

Third, once you’ve gotten into the right mindset I’d like you to read this article about Donnell Stewart. Do not stop when you see the second and third words in the title. Trust me, remember?

I’ll continue when you’re done.OK.

Wasn’t that horrible? – and I don’t mean that in a mocking or cynical way. That was a genuinely disturbing account about the deliberate using-up of a human being, by people who don’t even really care much. The sheer waste of it may be the most disturbing part…

Waste? Contemplate this. Ms. Stewart is clearly a woman of drive; she travels to Virginia every weekend to campaign (trust me, there’s no need to campaign for any Democratic Presidential candidate in Maryland). She is also clearly committed to her party, to the point where she has gone to more than one Democratic convention. She is also clearly a woman of intelligence and education: you have to have both to graduate from Princeton University. And she is clearly a woman with a will that could turn steel, as witnessed by the fact that she can make her 19 year old son actually accompany her on her campaign activities. In other words, Ms. Stewart has all the qualities that you look for in a county or CD district-level executive. Heck, if she’s any good at organizing more than one person then she’d probably make for a decent campaign manager for a Congressional candidate.

The Obama campaign is having her stand in front of a Best Buy to try to drum up voter registrations.

Metaphors for the Democratic Party don’t get any more apt than this: a hyper-qualified African-American woman being casually and ineptly bossed around by a bunch of white people young enough to be her kids. No real consideration of her feelings or existence, no thought to use her special talents, no… conceptualization that this is an actual person! She’s spending money that she doesn’t really have and causing strain in her existing relationships for those people, and none of them seem to get that. At least, I hope that nobody involved “gets” that – because if they do, then they’re being evil, and I don’t mean that in a cutesy way.

I would love to do something for Ms. Stewart, but I can’t. First off, I don’t have the ability to hand out political jobs at the level that (judging from the article) she apparently deserves (or, indeed, at all): more importantly, she wouldn’t take one from me anyway, because I’m part of the problem that she perceives – and never mind that while the abstract offenses against her dignity supposedly come from Republicans, all the practical ones are clearly Democratic in origin. All I can do is just look on in somewhat incredulous despair at the utter waste of this, and hope that this might shame one or two lurkers reading this into at least temporarily treating better the people that they’re currently exploiting. Heck of a thing when that’s the best you can hope for in a scenario like this.

OK, I’ve said my piece. You can go back now to whatever you were doing before the righteous indignation overpowered my programming.

Moe Lane

PS: Ms. Stewart? On the off chance that you ever read this, and you’re disappointed in and annoyed at your Party’s reaction to an Obama loss (or, for that matter, an Obama win), by all means: contact us. The GOP can find a better place for you than an Alexandrian strip mall.