New RNC Ad: "Slippery Slope."


I normally don’t provide the text to these things, but I’ve seen people trying to push the lie that Obama didn’t actually ever say that $250K was the threshold for a tax cut, so I figure that this time I should.

Moe LaneOBAMA: If you make $250,000 dollars a year or less, we will not raise your taxes. We will cut your taxes.

If you make less than $200,000 dollars a year, you’ll get a tax cut.

BIDEN: It should go to middle-class people… People making under $150,000 dollars a year.

VO: As time winds down to November 4th, so does Barack Obama’s definition of “rich.”

In July, Obama said if you make less than $250,000 dollars per year you get a tax cut.

Ten days before Election Day, he changes it to $200,000.

And now, Joe Biden changes the threshold to $150,000.

If you’re wondering where you fit in, the answer is … Who knows?

WURZELBACHER: You know, $250,000 dollars now – what if he decides well, you know, $150,000 dollars, you’re pretty rich too, let’s go ahead and lower it again? You know, it’s a slippery slope… When’s it going to stop?

VO: Yesterday, he promised you a tax cut. Today, he promises he’ll change again. And tomorrow, he’ll “spread the wealth” to those that don’t even pay taxes at all.

Change. Change. Change.

Yeah, that’s Barack.