Yippie Kay Yay, Joey Biden.

There are times where “Joe Biden opens his mouth” is wholly inadequate as a tag. This is one of those times.

Again, thanks for the help, Senator Biden.

Moe LanePS: The title, of course, is evocative of Biden’s slip in referring to our nominee as “John McLane’ – something too hokey for the McCain campaign itself to really try to push, so I’m sure that they’re grateful that Biden did it for them. Biden then went on to watch a NASCAR joke that he probably didn’t really understand anyway fall flat among a crowd that probably didn’t follow the sport enough to find said joke funny.


Was it really such a bad idea to pass over Herself for… for… for… Joe Biden, Senator? I mean, even if you win you’re going to have to deal with this guy for four years. What are you planning to do, have him put in cyronic storage?

No wonder the Democrats are suddenly worried about the precise role of the VP in the government. They’re terrified of the prospect of Joe Biden having something to actually do.