Darcy Burner (Challenger, WA-08) caught lying about educational qualifications.

Translation: “What? People were paying attention?”

Even the Seattle Times can’t spin this past an “exaggeration” by Dave Reichert’s challenger:

In recent weeks, Democratic congressional candidate Darcy Burner has touted her Harvard degree in economics when talking about the nation’s financial crisis and her opposition to the bailout package passed by Congress.

At two debates this month, she brought up her academic background in her opening statement.

“I loved economics so much that I got a degree in it from Harvard,” she said at an Oct. 10 debate at KCTS-TV. “Now everywhere I go in this district, the only thing people want to talk to me about is the economy.”

But while she took courses in economics, Burner doesn’t have a degree in the subject from Harvard. The article also notes that Darcy Burner also repeated the lie on her website, and that she has a history of “inflating her résumé” (note that I am paraphrasing, or more accurately, correcting for spin). This race is tight, and Left-leaning polls show it currently in the liar’s favor: needless to say, the Democrats want the seat fairly badly. If you’ve got it to spare, Dave Reichert’s donation page is here.

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