The new NRA ad: Or, Red Meat is for wimps.

They do “rip it off the darn cow yourself if you’re so hungry.” Looks like the NRA’s endorsement of McCain – which, might I add, is pretty much all due to Sarah Palin – is going to pay some dividends:

Let me put it this way: do you know how I’ll replace really egregiously bad attempts at agitprop with various and sundry YouTube videos? Just for that added touch of amused disdain? And do you know how I’d cycle through them?

Not any more. This is the ad. This is the ad that I’m using for that purpose until Election Day. I challenge the NRA to come up with something that can replace it in my heart.


PS: I believe that the NRA is more or less counting on you to disapprove in a wide variety of ways and styles, o ye lurkers. I merely note this for the record.

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