All right, Senator McCain: Let's talk turkey.

(Via Jake Tapper)

I’m getting damn tired of watching people too scared to push back on firebombs in the night from their own rail on and on about random shouters in crowds, too. When they’re not busy demonstrating that everything that they ever said about feminism (NSFW!) was a lie, of course. So I’m glad to hear that you find it outrageous.Now here’s the thing. The Democrats won’t stop. Ever. They don’t want to, and after eight years of unremitting screaming about the President and the GOP it’s not entirely certain that they even know how to stop. It doesn’t matter what you say, or what you do: the Democrats don’t care. They hate us, they fear us, end of story, and have a nice day.

So you remember that, on Wednesday.

Now, I understand how the first and second debates had to go down, and I’m not going to carp at you about either. But you will take it to Obama in two days. You will take it to him, and when you do, you will not waste valuable debate time telling Obama how much you respect him before you remind everyone that he’s a liar. Just cut to the good stuff: they’re going to call you and us names any which way anyway.

I actually think that you know this already, and that you know that a bunch of people don’t think that you’re ready to get up close and personal on this fight. And I even actually think that you’re ready to play. But as a good Republican it behooves me to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

Moe Lane

PS: This is a personal request. MAKE THAT MAN APOLOGIZE FOR WHAT HIS SUPPORTERS HAVE SAID, AND TRIED TO DO, TO OUR VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. Do that – or even make him flinch from the shame – and the base will follow you anywhere that you might wish to go.