Palin on the Attack: Life Issues

Go here for the transcript, and here for Allahpundit’s commentary on the video:

AP’s worried (not very surprising: he’s a good and habitually pessimistic blogger) that this is more evidence that McCain & Palin are at odds with each other over how hard to hit the Democrats on this and other issues.

I do not agree.

Anyway, while not a Evangelical myself, I fully understand why David Brody is so happy with the text quoted in the subtitle above; I share his reaction. It’s refreshing to have a politician that’s this unapologetic about the ultimate source of her stance on life issues: unapologetic, and unafraid. Far too many of our current legislators act as if straightforwardly acknowledging the influence of their religious beliefs on their moral philosophy is somehow… tacky. Watching somebody who won’t do that soothes.

Moe Lane