A public service announcement for our readers.

We will be getting a rash of comments and blog entries over at least the next few weeks and possibly the next few months. They will almost invariably be by new sign-ups who will immediately obviously be identifiable as non-Republicans, and they will have the same theme: Once this election is over – which will of course end with Obama winning, you guys going below 170 seats in the House, and we having a filibuster-proof Senate – Democrats and Republicans will need to come together to solve the problems that this country faces. So let’s get to it!

Or, translated: Oh, God, we’re going to be in charge now! We need to get some Republicans for cover, STAT!

The rest of you may do as you like: but if we do hit this worst-case scenario I personally plan to give and urge precisely the same consideration and courtesy that has been shown to me and mine for the last eight years, with the notable exception of the Molotov cocktails. And that’s how it should be, right? If this happens, it’s the will of the People that the Democrats govern?

So if it happens… let ’em.