So, is it the *Good* Parts of ACORN that you want to help you shape the agenda, Senator?

Because it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of who’s doing what, and to whom.

Via Ace of Spades

Moe Lane

PS: Just to reassure Allahpundit: here’s a link to the connections that the CCC has with all of its community organization friends, not to mention Leftist, Marxist, and generally radical activist groups. These people have been pretty much all living in each other’s pockets for the last forty years; by now they’re more incestuous than a Faulkner novel.

PPS: You may want to have a chat with DNC mouthpiece Brad Woodhouse about what the phrase “There’s no relationship here” actually means. Although I must say that the accelerated mushroom treatment that you’ve put the DNC through seems to have paid dividends: they repeat the Approved Points of Talk quite steadily. Electroshock? Drug cocktail? Forced memetic downloading?… oops, ignore that last one.