Is somebody playing games with the McCain/Palin ACORN ad? [UPDATE: Nope.]

[UPDATE: Via AoSHQ’s headlines, nope, it’s FoxNews. NBC did something similar to Obama two weeks ago, too; them’s the breaks. What, disable the link? Hah! I ain’t the McCain campaign, bubbeleh.]

“Spies, Brigands and Pirates” (what, no ninja?) of Protein Wisdom Pub suspects that the Fox News copyright complaint about the ACORN ad (which you can still see here by the way) is a fake accusation, given that there’s something like 129K Fox News clips on YouTube already. S/he also notes that people were playing “adult content” games earlier with the Ayers video –

You know, this one:

  • so who knows?

Moe Lane

PS: Thanks for confirming that this stuff worries you, guys.

PPS: There’s this… interesting little rumor, too.