Barack Obama, Race-Baiter.

Or are your internal polls telling you something?

H/T Hot Air

Skip to the end, where he informs the audience that they will not be “hoodwinked” or “bamboozled.” Sound familiar? Of course it does: he pulled the same trick against Hillary Clinton in South Carolina, as well-known VRWC rag The New Republic reported at the time:

His use of the phrase is resonant. It comes from a scene in Malcolm X, where Denzel Washington warns black people about the hidden evils of “the White Man” masquerading as a smiling politician: “Every election year, these politicians are sent up here to pacify us,” he says. “You’ve been hoodwinked. Bamboozled.”

By uttering this famous phrase, Obama told his black audience everything it needed to know. He was helping to convince blacks that the first two-term Democratic president in 50 years, a man referred to as the first black president, is in fact a secret racist. As soon as I heard that Obama had quoted from Malcolm X like this, I knew that Obama would win South Carolina by a massive margin.

As Hot Air also noted, at about the same time John Lewis compared the McCain/Palin campaign to notable Democrat and segregationist George Wallace. One would wonder how McCain’s adoption of a Bangladeshi child and Palin’s marriage to a man of Yup’ik descent can be reconciled to Wallace’s views on race, but then that would assume that John Lewis meant what he said, or that his sense of shame would be sufficient to overcome his instinctive partisanship. At any rate, these two attempts to stir up racial bigotry among Democrats is, in its way, a bit of a relief: it indicates that we are not in fact in a new era. We’re right back to the days when Republicans are routinely accused of racism at any and every opportunity, and McCain is going to be merely the latest one attacked for it, nonsensical as it is.

But that’s OK. We know how to deal with this. We’ve been given tons of practice in dealing with phony charges of racism, and we’re not Democrats: we don’t go all wobbly in the knees over it. And we know that this sort of stuff grates on the souls of the very Americans that so badly want to see Barack Obama as some political version of Calgon.

Moe Lane

PS: And we don’t walk into obvious traps, either. The Democrats rather badly want us to talk about Rev. Jeremiah Wright. HA! As if that hadn’t already been well and truly addressed in the primaries, and all the juice cooked out of it – which is why they want us to bring it up. Nope, we’re going to talk about the things that they don’t want us to talk about. More fun that way.