ACORN Watch: 10,000 bad registrations in Hamilton County, OH.

They can’t because they don’t have any facilities for cross-checking, and the order by a judge to require Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner to certify the results and make them available just got reversed by the 6th District Court of Appeals.

The problem is, of course, long-time Democratic ally ACORN:

Thousands of new-voter cards in Ohio undeliverable

By Jim Siegel

COLUMBUS – Thousands of cards mailed by county election boards to newly registered voters in Hamilton County and throughout the state are being returned because the people can’t be found.


Ohio Republican Party Chairman Robert Bennett on Tuesday said it’s a result of statewide registration fraud conducted by independent groups that support Democratic candidates.


He said many were submitted by groups he terms “auxiliaries of the Democratic Party”: the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) and America Coming Together.

Oops! Silly me. That’s a story from 2004, which would be the last time ACORN tried to commit voter registration fraud in Ohio during a Presidential election.Here’s the story from this time:

Hamilton County received more than 160,000 documents this year related to voter registration and change of address.

Of the more than 40,000 documents received from ACORN, about 10,000 have been duplicates and many have come back with invalid addresses.

Of the remaining documents, “I do believe fictitious ones are registered,” said Williams “We don’t cross-check this. That’s supposed to be done on a statewide database. So if that isn’t done, we don’t have the resources to do it.”

He said multiple registrations came in with the same name, but slightly different addresses or birth dates. His office has received calls from people saying they never filled out a registration card.

“It’s a difficult problem to deal with,” said Williams.

Clever system, no? Flood the zone with garbage duplicate registrations, to keep the local county offices drowned in paperwork; use sympathetic politicians to put the kibosh on any independent checks-and-balance system; then scream “racism” and “disenfranchisement” to anybody who looks at you funny. Marvelous way to slip fake voter registrations into the system, truly.

Yes, I’m of the opinion that “criminal conspiracy” is an apt phrase to use here.

Moe Lane