Exercise in Futility Watch, 10/10/08 (Roger Simon and Racism)

There’s absolutely no point to trying, of course. I’ve been aware blogging for seven years and actually doing it for five, six years now: and I learned a long time ago that those among our opposite numbers that casually make the charge simply don’t care. The least objectionable among them “merely” need for us to be racist in order to justify their own fear and hatred for us; the next level down are the ones who cynically use the stereotype for what they think is partisan political gain; and the worst of all are the ones who shout “YOU ARE A RACIST WHO USES THESE WORDS!” because they can’t get away anymore with shouting “I AM A RACIST WHO USES THESE WORDS!” in polite company, or even impolite company.

You’ll see all three types in the comments to the post that started the aforementioned exercise in futility, but you don’t really have to, do you?

Moe Lane

PS: The good news? We’re gotten more desensitized to this than we were in 2004, and certainly than we were in 2000. Which is one reason why I think the charges seem particularly vituperative right now; people are starting to notice that it’s not having quite the same effect…