Ohio Early Voting Consensus Result: Yeah, whatever, dude.

No, seriously: take a look for yourself. He thinks that it’s the funniest thing EVER:

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<p>Admittedly, I was pretty over the top with it: then again, I have reason to be.  Via the head’s-up by the Constant Readers <a href=in this subthread:

Turnout light in Ohio early voting window By STEPHEN MAJORS – 2 days ago

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A weeklong period in which Ohioans could register to vote and immediately cast a ballot ended Monday with turnout that didn’t quite match the expectations of election officials — or the campaign predictions that preceded it.

As of Monday evening with polling sites still open, projections were that about 4,000 to 5,000 voters in the state’s four largest counties would have taken advantage of the policy, which survived multiple court challenges.


Overall, between 20,000 and 25,000 people were expected to have voted early in person in the four counties, beginning Sept. 30. The four counties include the state’s largest urban areas — Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo and Dayton — and the focal points of campaign get-out-the-vote efforts.


The early voting window was expected to benefit Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, as his campaign and supportive advocacy groups drove members of typically Democratic constituencies — the homeless, college students and poor people — to the polls. Geraghty has the number of early voters in Ohio being 28,466 out of 8.2 million registered voters (that’s .3%, or in layman’s terms, “nobody”). He’s still trying to figure out why there weren’t more of them than that, given the way that the Obama campaign’s been pushing early voting. Me, I just want to know how much money was spent on this. Because whatever the amount was, Barack Obama could have gotten more use out of it by using it for kindling.

No, really: he could banked the coals and thrown a clambake for his followers, or something.

Moe Lane

PS: I am, of course, being nice by assuming that the early voters are all real. Given that key Democratic ally ACORN has a strong presence in Ohio, that is probably me being too nice.