Boehner wants ACORN rooted out of the Federal government.

House Minority Leader John Boehner today called for the complete decoupling of notorious Democratic ally ACORN from the federal government:

“The latest allegations of voter registration fraud by ACORN are further evidence that this group cannot be trusted with another dollar of the taxpayers’ money.

“Election cycle after election cycle, this organization has been at the forefront of breaking the law in order to promote their left-wing agenda. All the while, they have been the recipients of millions of dollars of federal funding through various federal programs and third-party groups. House Republicans took at stand recently to cut off funding to an ACORN slush fund created by their allies in the House Majority, but now more must be done.

“All federal funding to ACORN must be stopped. The ACORN slush fund must be disbanded. Sources of federal funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development or any other agency must be stopped. Contracting for services between candidates for federal office and ACORN, as Senator Obama has done, must end. Now that the taxpayers own Fannie Mae, any funding from Fannie Mae’s nonprofit foundation to ACORN must stop.

“ACORN spent decades promoting the housing policies that brought America’s economy to the brink, and similarly over the years has committed fraud on our system of elections, making American voters question the fairness and accuracy of the exercise of their most fundamental right under the Constitution. Now it is time to cut off ACORN before it grows even more destructive.”

If you’re surprised that ACORN is involved in the Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac subprime loan debacle, you shouldn’t be: the group has worked with the Democrats for the last thirty years in order to relax mortgage eligibility restrictions. A slow process, but a rewarding one – for the right people, none of which were the ones who bought the houses, bought the mortgage bundles, owned the banks that are now gasping for credit… or, for that matter, the rest of the United States of America.

Looks like we’re finally going to start talking about it – and, really? Why are we funding such a rabidly partisan group as ACORN, anyway? And why do people like Barney Frank seem so interested in declaring the questions like this to be racist?

Well, OK, I already know that the answer to that last one is “he’s projecting.” Still, they’re usually more subtle than that.