What, *another* ACORN voter fraud event?

The latest report on the Democrat-allied activist group comes from Connecticut. Nice to know that they’re branching out past the battlefield states:

HARTFORD — The State Elections Enforcement Commission has opened an investigation into allegations that a community activist organization submitted at least 10 false voter-registration cards in Bridgeport.

One of the phony registrations was for a 7-year-old girl in the Marina Village housing complex, whose age was listed as 27 on the voter card.

Another registration came from a man who later said he couldn’t have completed the voter card purported to be his because he was in jail on the date of the document.

Also new is the excuse: “right-wing operatives.” No, not that we’re doing it, but that we’re bringing this stuff up. Apparently, it’s partisan to be concerned about election fraud.

You know, I can live with that narrative.

Moe Lane

PS: The guy has more than ten. Ten are the highlights that get us looking at the twenty thousand in Connecticut. And the others elsewhere.