And today's ACORN election fraud story comes to us from Milwaukee.

The Democrat-affiliated ACORN is making news again:

Felon accused of voting violations

Milwaukee County prosecutors Tuesday charged a convicted felon with illegally registering himself and others to vote between his conviction and his sentencing.

The complaint accuses Adam Mucklin, 22, of registering to vote in June, after he was convicted of battery in April, and after a judge told him he couldn’t vote as a convicted felon. Later in June, Mucklin signed up to work as a paid voter registrar for the Community Voters Project, something else he couldn’t do as a convicted felon, the complaint says.

A recent opinion from the staff of the state Government Accountability Board says no one convicted of a felony can ever serve as a registrar, a stricter standard than the previous interpretation that registrars only had to be eligible to vote.


Mucklin was among 49 voter registration workers who were referred to the Milwaukee County district attorney’s office by the Milwaukee Election Commission on suspicion of election fraud. He is the second to be charged.

This isn’t the first time that CVP has been caught at election fraud, either. And, in case you were wondering why I put up ACORN’s name:

Virtually all the workers under scrutiny were employed by either the voters project or by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. Those groups were among several politically liberal organizations that launched massive voter registration drives in Milwaukee in advance of the Nov. 4 election.

…it’s because they’re in each other’s pockets pretty much across the country anyway.

Now, ACORN offers the usual excuse that it’s just a few bad apples, not the whole barrel; there’s no indication whether they did the usual sudden head-tilt, expressionless stare and robotic monotone when telling the reporters that. Probably: it’s a big hit at parties.