ACORN: We're too incompetent to avoid committing election fraud!

It’s an ACORN sort of day, apparently. The Democrat-affiliated group is claiming basic incompetence as a defense against its odd habit of being the subject of voter-fraud probes (H/T: Thurber’s Thoughts):

Voter-registration can’t be totally fraud-free, group says Voter-registration group cites lack of resources

A national voter-registration group admitted to Cuyahoga County election officials Tuesday that it cannot eliminate fraud from its operation.

The group blamed inefficiency and lack of resources for problems such as being unable to spot duplicate voter-registration cards or cards that may have been filled out by workers to make quotas.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, has turned in at least 65,000 cards to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections in the last year. The board has investigated potentially fraudulent cards since August.

Well, stop, then. Or hand in less cards. Or fix your vetting system. Or expect your workers to double-check. Or – here’s a good one – stop urinating on our shoes and tell us that it’s rain. ACORN is actually very good at what it really does; it’s just that what it really does is unfortunately more or less illegal.

So let’s not pretend, shall we?