Patterico caught the LA Times lying about McCain's economic policy.

…and he’s got the screenshot to prove it. He needed a screenshot because the LA Times revised the original bad article into an equally-bad article, which is generally unsurprising to anybody who blogs for any length of time.

I wish that the big papers would just come out and freely admit that they’re liberal/Democratic/left of center/what have you. We actually could use some of those (and their equivalents): not having to pretend to hide their biases would improve their writing, not to mention their circulation. No, seriously. I’ll pick up the Village Voice before I pick up the New York Times: the former doesn’t try to insult my intelligence by pretending that it’s not in the tank for the Left, and because it doesn’t it can actually do a proper job of criticism of the Left from the Left. The Old Grey Lady is too neurotic to do the same (which is funny, because it’s nowhere near as liberal).