How do we know that Senator Obama doesn't care about the Keating 5?

Because he’s brought in Senator John Glenn to stump for his campaign, that’s why.

Rock the early vote

When the astronaut made way for the Boss on the Oval, 10,000 people roared in unison, “Bruuuuce!”

“You don’t get introduced by John Glenn every day,” Bruce Springsteen said, breaking into an impromptu version of Mr. Spaceman.

For those too young to remember, Senator Glenn – who is a brave man and a genuine American hero – was one of the Keating Five: in fact, he was one of the two who “were cleared of having acted improperly but were criticized for having exercised ‘poor judgment’.” The other was, of course, Senator John McCain. It should be amusing to watch people try to contort themselves over explaining this particular inconsistency away…