The Saturday Night Live Bailout Clip.

Because Allahpundit’s right: there’s an audience for a full and frank discussion on this one.

But, hey: keep the focus on this. Make McCain, Palin, and the rest of us reluctantly talk about how your Party got us into this mess, and how your instinctual first reaction to encountering a disgraced Fannie/Freddie executive is apparently to offer him or her a job. We don’t mind.

We don’t mind at all. It’ll be a thing.

Moe Lane

Edited by absentee: I put in the hulu embed. Can I just say something? SOROS! … and it says “Owner, Democratic Party” under his name. Priceless. I’m sure someone at SNL will get an unpleasant visit from men in black with continental European accents soon. – Caleb