Why I remain cheerful about our election prospects, Part LVIII.

Little things like this (language warning: click Jake’s link below for a cleaned-up version):

(Sorry, Jake, but I needed the embed.)

4:45 worth of celebrities haranguing the audience about why they shouldn’t vote; why they should vote after all; why they need to go register to vote (they were very, very, very emphatic about this); then why they have to vote. Sarcasm was liberally employed throughout, if you pardon the pun, or perhaps oxymoron; either way, it’s always fun to watch people pick up and try to shake some sense into a voting demographic that isn’t particularly breaking for your particular candidate anyway. Especially when there’s the slightest, most indistinct note of hysteria in the message.

I mean, 4:45? I could have gotten that message clocked in at 30 seconds, tops. Even assuming that I just didn’t break the whole thing down to three different commercials, all playing against each other. As it is, these guys are running the risk of kids turning it off somewhere around 1:00.

Moe Lane