Breaking: RNC raised $66 million last month.

RNC shatters monthly fundraising record

The RNC raised nearly $66 million in September, breaking its all-time record.

Committee spokesman Alex Conant credited the haul to the strength of John McCain and Sarah Palin.

I don’t have the RNC’s cash-on-hand – yet – but I can tell you that my notes tell me that the RNC had 76.5 million COH at the beginning of September and McCain/Palin had 27.2 million, or about 103.7 million (combined Obama/DNC was about 96.7). So, that amount, minus whatever they spent in September, plus 65+ million, plus 84 million in public funds… it is not unreasonable to think that the McCain/RNC may have somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 million to play with at this moment. There’s no possible way that they have less than 150 million right now. Well, maybe possible – just very flipping unlikely.

Interesting, no?