In which I interject myself into Political Punch's comments section controversy.

Via Ace of Spades HQ, I notice that there were some fairly serious allegations made about Jake Tapper’s Political Punch the other day. The very short version? That the blog was deleting conservative comments while letting liberal ones go. That’s a pretty serious allegation – and that’s speaking as somebody with a reputation for cheerfully and publicly replacing troll posts with McCain/Palin campaign ads.

So I got in touch with Jake about it – we’ve corresponded before – and he more or less told me what he wrote here. Essentially, he’s not deleting the comments himself; he’s been informed that the comments in question were being removed for technical reasons (mostly involving URLs), not ideological ones; he’s gotten complaints from both sides of the spectrum on this; and he’s now forwarding those complaints to the people actually handling site moderation.

I’ll be honest: if this wasn’t Jake, I might not buy that explanation (Darke GOP isn’t). But it is Jake, who I consider fair (if often tragically wrong): it’s plausible that ABC would have a third-party group monitoring the site; and I happen to find his comments section to be horribly fascinating, sometimes. I’ve never noticed a lack of cringe-worthy comments from across the political spectrum there, so while I’m still ready enough to believe that whoever ABC has as site moderator over there may have bias I’m going to take Jake’s word that he’s not responsible for whatever shenanigans might be in place.

I don’t do blogwars, so this is going to be my only post on the subject. Probably not going to bother commenting on it, either – so I’m just going to end with the observation that my discounting the accusation in the specific case doesn’t mean that I discount the general allegation of media bias. I can very easily see why people could jump to this conclusion; it’s usually not a jump at all. Particularly this media cycle, and particularly when it comes to the Democratic candidate for President.

And I’m not exactly alone in thinking that, either.