Gwen Ifill: VP Debate Moderator, Obama Shill.

You know, Michelle Malkin and I don’t actually agree on all that much, but we do agree on this: it is perhaps not the most objective thing in the world to have as one’s VP debate moderator a woman who has written a book entitled “Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama.”. Particularly when it’s scheduled to come out on 01/20/2009. (Via Hot Air Headlines)

Some of Ms. Ifill’s objectivity here:

As Ms. Malkin goes on to suggest:

Ask the Commission on Presidential Debates if she will acknowledge her conflict of interest: 202-872-1020.

And here’s the e-mail address of Janet H. Brown, Executive Director of the Debates Commission: [email protected]

Note that neither Ms. Malkin nor I am suggesting that Ms. Ifill stop moderating the debate; merely that she let the viewing public know right from the start that it’s in Ms. Ifill’s long-term financial interest that Senator Obama win the Presidency. They call it “transparency:” it’s quite the coming thing. The media should try it sometime.

Moe Lane

PS: Drudge has noticed, too.