Well, *that* was a relief.

Sorry: I got comprehensively shut down on the internet about 40 minutes in, so you all had to lose my deathless prose. Such as it was.

First impressions: Obama was prepared, but not comfortable – and he got less and less comfortable as the debate went on. There were at least two or three times where he tried to needle McCain, and about four or five where McCain successfully needled him. Oddly, in some ways Obama flubbed worst the economic answers, most of which he didn’t actually answer. In contrast, McCain just looked happier to be there; if you asked me which one was supposed to have the temper, I’d say Obama. There was a spot on the ABC news feed where Obama was grinning, then went right to a scowl; video pranksters, take note.

Also, as I noted in the live-blogging before I got shut off, the progressive movement needs to understand that Obama really does love you, baby: it’s just that he gets so worked up sometimes. He’ll make it up to you, really he will. It’ll just be like the old days, just you and him. So… where’s your purse?

Brutal? Sure. So was the way that he shafted them on missile defense, offshore drilling, nuclear power plants, and how swell Petraeus is.

Moe Lane

PS: Will it help McCain? Beats me: I’m a GOP partisan. I certainly feel a heck of a lot better about supporting the guy after this debate, though – which is nothing to sneeze at, after the week we’ve had.