Own-goal watch: Netroots planning to primary any Democrat voting *for* the bailout.

And you thought that some of us were annoyed. Matt Stoller, OpenLeft:

…My guess is that the leadership is all set to go with a [expletive deleted]ty bailout, the Republican rank and file are saying ‘hell no’, the Bush Dogs are pushing for a [expletive deleted]ty bailout, and the other rank and file Democrats don’t realize the power they have to stop this pile of steaming pig [expletive deleted].

Markos has basically threatened primary challenges on this bailout, and I’m perfectly willing to add this vote to the Bush dog voting pile, along with the two FISA votes and the blank check bill in 2007. One thing is for sure – when Democratic leaders like to steamroll people by saying there’s a deal, whether there is or isn’t. [expletive deleted]ers.

Well, they certainly like to [expletive deleted] the Netroots, huh? To rip off Allahpundit, exit question: How are the Netroots going to handle it when Barack Obama shows up this afternoon, shakes Bush’s hand, and signs off on the bailout? – because he will.

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