You can kick Harry Reid in the groin *twice* now, Senator Obama.

The second time’s for mucking up any chance that you had for directing the narrative, which is now “McCain would like to help with the economy, but he keeps getting told to do different things by the Democrats running Congress.” 24 hours is a bit fast for this kind of turnaround, but then, it’s Harry Reid that we’re talking about, here.

Free advice to Democrats: you want to start looking for a new Senate Majority Leader. Because if you’re looking for a new Senate Minority Leader next January, it’s going to because of this guy.

[UPDATE]: Take a gander at this video. From yesterday.

I think that Harry Reid needs to get used to the notion that during election season people actually don’t tune out what he has to say.

Moe Lane

Here’s the response from the McCain campaign, by the way:

“Yesterday, Harry Reid said that consensus couldn’t be achieved without John McCain’s leadership. John stepped up and is providing that leadership. Now Senator Reid seems to have changed his mind for reasons we’ll let him explain. But what he should understand is that this isn’t about Harry Reid or John McCain or Barack Obama. It’s about the American people and, in the words of Warren Buffet, the financial Pearl Harbor they’re facing. John’s committed to doing his part to help avert that calamity. We hope Senator Reid is too.”

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