The "Joe Biden [Bleep] The World!" Mid-week Speculative Open Thread.

He’s going to need it: he’s got Nader talking about dressing up in a panda suit and looking for love (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP), which is going to be hard to top. Anybody else, I’d say “impossible”… but it’s Joe Biden. I mean, last night he went out there and told a bunch of trial lawyers that McCain didn’t share their values (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP, EITHER):

“He has never, never, never, never, never, never, never shared the values set that you share,” Biden said. “He’s an honorable, decent man, but John McCain truly believes, truly believes that you are corporate America’s problem,” he said to the trial lawyers. “And thank God you are.”

Biden said that he’s “done more than any other senator combined” for trial lawyers.

…so I like his chances.

Feel free to speculate yourself on what will be on Joe’s mind today. And on how long it’ll take for us to get the correction, explanation, retraction, or ritual suicide by whoever got stuck with the job of riding herd on Joe’s mind today.