Energy policy update.

No, really. Let’s look at all the victories:

  • We kept the war fully funded.
    • We successfully got the surge working.
    • We shot down redeployment instead of victory.
    • We shot down abandonment instead of victory.
    • We won the war, in fact.
    • We passed FISA – finally! And without nonsensical regulation. We even got retroactive telecom immunity!
    • We still have Gitmo open.
    • We still have the PATRIOT Act up and running.
    • We stopped the S-CHIP bloat.
    • We ensured that impeaching Bush remained the joke that it is and always has been.
  • *

* Many of you would include the defeat of immigration reform.* * Many of you would include stopping the DREAM Act.* * We got Mukasey confirmed as Attorney General.* * We got Southwick confirmed as a federal judge.* * We had Congress condemn MoveOn.org’s vicious libel of General Petraeus.* * We stopped Card Check.* And now… let us refresh our glasses as we watch the moratorium on offshore drilling slowly die of suffocation (from our own Mark I). I understand that the thrashings at the end are usually really quite droll:

A House staffer said in an e-mail that House Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-WI) is telling reporters that Democrats on the committee are quietly preparing to drop language extending the ban from a continuing resolution soon to be passed. That resolution will fund government operations until separate appropriations bills can be passed after the election. The Congressional ban on offshore drilling is in truth a moratorium on funding for the processing of new drilling leases. Congress has annually renewed the moratorium every year since it first passed the funding ban in 1981. But pressure from minority Republicans and polls showing overwhelming majorities of the American people supporting increased drilling in the face of high oil and gasoline prices appear to have won the argument.

Congratulations on this one mostly go to House Republicans – WHO YOU SHOULD BE SENDING MONEY TO, AS THANKS FOR THEIR EPIC EFFORTS ON OUR BEHALF – and generally to both them and GOP Senators; but let us not forget Democratic legislators themselves. It takes no small amount of humility to act as the canvas upon which one’s betters might draw, and we couldn’t have had our wins without you guys. So thanks.

No, really, take a bow. You’ve earned your moment in the spotlight.

Moe Lane

PS: This post-script goes out to everybody who came by to mock us on Election Night, 2006. You got one day in which you had the opportunity to gloat. I got two years. So, tell me: all that time and money and effort and discomfort that you people went through in ensuring a Democratic House and Senate.

Was it worth it?

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