Surely this can be turned into an ad.

At this point: media, Obama campaign, what’s the difference?

Anyway, the comment is in reaction to The Washington Post’s Michael Dobb’s exceptionally eye-roll-worthy critique on McCain’s Advice ad:

McCain’s response (“Washington Post Attacks Washington Post“) takes especial issue with the “pretty flimsy” bit.

Pretty flimsy? As Dobbs goes on to say, that “pretty flimsy” source is his own paper, the Washington Post. The Post reported that Raines had “taken calls from Barack Obama’s presidential campaign seeking his advice on mortgage and housing policy matters.” It then recycled that information into two more pieces, one of which was an editorial. But we’re willing to make a deal. If Dobbs admits his newspaper is not a credible source, we’ll take down the ad.

Via Jen Rubin, who has a lot of good stuff in that post.