I think that it's time that you repudiated this video, Senator Obama.

I was wondering why Glenn had reposted this video from earlier in the year – after all, we’ve known about it for months – so I watched it again. Go ahead, do the same:

Let’s review: Obama opposed the war – which includes the surge that later succeeded beyond his wildest dreams (though not John McCain’s). He would have cut missile defense programs; Russia says “hi,” by the way, and wants to know where Obama plans to do most of the slowing of the development of our future combat systems. I guess that he’s still apparently down with banning the production of fissile material (that, by the way, includes nuclear fuel pretty much by definition); oh, look, guess what’s back up to $100/barrel? And, of course, he wants to negotiate with Russia over nukes.

Yeah. That video sounds even stupider than it did in February, doesn’t it? – Something that frankly I didn’t think was possible.