Boarding Party: Palin's reinvigoration of GOP enthusiasm.

“Cutlasses out and boots off! Stand by for impact, raking fire from the bow guns, then over the side and into the ship! WAIT FOR IT, YOU SWABS! There’ll be plenty there for everybody! Steady… steady… steady…”



GOP Sees Rebound in Battle for Congress Party Hopes Momentum Will Help Limit Losses

Like many of her Republican colleagues concerned about their reelection prospects, Sen. Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina skipped the party’s national convention to focus on campaigning back home. But even in her absence, the gathering may have given her bid for a return to office its biggest boost yet.

Volunteers began showing up at GOP campaign offices at quadruple the pre-convention pace, many of them conservatives who were lukewarm to presidential nominee John McCain but ecstatic about his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Their enthusiasm could be Dole’s saving grace on Nov. 4.

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