Well, Senator Obama, at least you don't have to blame *yourself* for the bad timing.

I gotta admit, Senator Obama – or, more accurately, whoever came up with this for you – this was a pretty slick trap that you set. You go out and create an anti-McCain ad that’s a: exceptionally dishonest; b: insulting to both him and Rush Limbaugh; c: has the potential to remind the rest of the GOP about it’s internal immigration dispute; and d: – this is the best part, for a given value of “best” – it’s in Spanish. I’m betting that the person that thought that bit hugged himself when he thought up that last bit, secure in the knowledge that surely us racist Republicans would be absolutely outraged at it. And, more importantly, that it’d be enough to get Rush to flip out (we’ll table for the moment the question of whether it would).

But hark! I suddenly have a precognitive flash! It’s about tomorrow’s Rush broadcast! He’s on the air! He’s angry! So very, very angry. His fury tangibly crackles out from the very radio speakers itself, and he is practically shouting:

Was this latest`cyber-attack on Governor Palin orchestrated by the Obama campaign?

Don’t you just love the Internet and all its inhabitants, Senator Obama? Particularly the way that they walk into the shot just as you’re trying to line it up. Sure, maybe Rush will get into it later – but right now he’s got something better to be angry about, and by the time this dies down any chance for a blowup will be gone, gone, gone. You’ll get… grumbling, I guess. Grumbling towards you, not McCain. Likewise, McCain will be more than happy to not get into this, either. In short: man, but the timing on this sucked for you.

So, just how much money did you spend on that suddenly-useless poison pill? – because I hope that you saved the receipts.

Moe Lane

PS: Don’t even think about whining about the question being asked, Senator. You send out people to disrupt radio interviews with the verbal equivalent of DOS attacks. And you had better hope that your little DNC anti-Palin packet isn’t on anybody’s confiscated hard drive – or, better, not-quite deleted from same. Because things are serious, now.

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